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We support Self Love through Self Care by providing intentionally handcrafted herbal potions

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Best Natural Dry Shampoo

I just received this in the mail and used it this morning on day two hair. It smells incredible and left my hair looking like I just styled it. It added some volume also! I have platinum blonde hair and it blended in great! Also my scalp has not been itchy post application like some other natural dry shampoos that I've tried. Love it and highly recommend it!!!

Heather, Lavender & Cocoa Dry Shampoo

Discovered the ONE

So I’ve really tried every lotion in the book. (I have major sensory issues) so it’s really hard to find a lotion that makes my body feel comfortable, especially my hands. Discovering this about a month ago was one of the best things to happen! I use this all over my body and use as a night cream. I LOVE IT. Fat and the moon is about the only products I use now.

Danielle, All Cream

Best Highlighter Ever!

Just purchased this and I am in love with it. My salon carries these products and the labeling and cute tins caught my eye. I am so glad I bought this. It lasts all day long and actually highlights the way a highlighter should. I would recommend this to anyone who likes all natural, quality products. Must have for any beauty bag. Cannot wait to try some of the lip stains as well.

Sabrina, Beam


I'm not a reviewer, actually this is the first thing I've reviewed online, but that's how good this stuff is. I have tried so many natural deodorants and this simply is the best. From muggy southern heat to working fast paced bartending/service shifts 8+ hours, this deo has had my back the whole time. I never smell and continue to feel fresh even after work. Highly recommend.

Emily, Deodorant Cream

Holy Grail For Dry Skin

I started using this a year ago and it has quickly become my most-loved skincare item. It's pretty viscous, not runny, but it sinks in easily - I apply it all over my face after washing/toner and it just leaves me feeling moist, not greasy. I have pretty dry, adult-acne-prone skin and this has been a total lifesaver, especially in winter.

KZ, Face Oil

So Happy

I look forward to putting this stuff on in the mornings! This was my first experiment in using a stain instead of a powder and I prefer it because it adds a little moisturizing quality which does the whole "dewy" thing. I'm always concerned to try anything new because I have sensitive/break-out prone skin but my skin loves it.

Kayla, Lip & Cheek Stain

Maximal Minimalist Philosophy

What is a maximal minimalist, or a minimal maximalist for that matter? Well, inspired by our ancestors who were brilliant at finding a use for EVERY part of the plant and animal- we recognize a certain creative genius in tow of full and multidimensional appreciation. 

We, like most, want to get the most bang for our buck. We, like some, want to reduce the waste created by superfluous extra crap we don’t need. We, like a few, want to travel the world with just a jar of Yoni Duster by our side for our every need. 

Maximal minimalism is potency. And being the Witches we are, we like our potions potent.

Fat isn’t a dirty word.

Fat is the conduit of external herbal medicine; it is the magic medium we infuse with healing plant powers

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Show Us Your Pits

detoxify your life...starting with your pits

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The Modern Witch

The Modern Witch

The Modern Witch, a contemporary reclamation of a derogatory word saturated with generations of fear and hate. Branching off circuitously from the same roots as the words ‘hag’ and ‘hex’, ‘witch’ connotes a particularly feminine hedge-dweller and edge rider. In Europe and in the UK, ancient hedgerows are still abundant with medicinal plants. The hedge is the rich boundary between the cultivated and the wild. Literally and metaphorically, the ones who lived off the hedge, lived on the edge. 
RECIPE: Vinegar Rinse

RECIPE: Vinegar Rinse

Here is a recipe for all those folks who reached out about hard water and using our Shampoos and Conditioners. A super simple apple cider vinegar rinse once a week does wonders to rebalance the scalp and leaves the hair sleek and shiny.
Rowen White: Our Latest Fat Crush

Rowen White: Our Latest Fat Crush

Rowen White is one of those women who channels. Through her hands, she channels her ancestors. By planting and saving seeds, she literally sews old ways into our times. Through her words, she channels poetic visions, creating a cosmology in which the seed is at the center. But mostly, Rowen channels Heart- just being in her presence one feels the depths of her thoughtfulness, connectedness and caring. 


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