Toiletries: the odds and ends used in
dressing, in preparing for that transition
from the inside to the outside. Fat and
the Moon got you on that threshold.
Let us assist in pampering your pits
(and those who smell them), cleansing
& strengthening your teeth, and
getting your hair did.


Adorning your hot self shoul be fun and
carefree - so, like, why are all of these
crazy chems in our make up killing our
good vibes? Let’s keep things reeeeaaal
simple. Fat and the Moon takes the root
word of ‘cosmetics’, ‘kosmos’, seriously.
Kosmos meaning order, to arrange and



Scrub in the shower, over a sink, or under
a waterfall (preferred). Our cleanser fam -
Light as a Featha Cleansa, Masa & Olive
Face Paste, Moon Milk & Earth Polish -
cleanse but don’t strip; working with the
wisdom of the epidermis. Fat and the Moon
encourages cleansing with intention! Turn
your cleansing regimes into rituals.


The skin is the boss of Fat and the Moon.
We are always trying to make her healthy
and happy, since she is working her butt off
protecting us. Our lotions, face oils and lip
salve are formulated to work with the skin’s
natural oils to hydrate, tone, and help skin
do what it does best — feel.

First Aid

Plant medicine makes stellar first aid. Mad props

to the plants. Our non-toxic muds, salves, pow-
ders, balms and bitters are your best friends on

any adventures: hiking in the woods, roller skating,
public speaking, competitive eating, and online
dating. So go on, get wild!

Masks of the God/Dess

Masks not only conceal, they reveal.
Masks help us reveal parts of ourselves
we can’t show in any other way. Fat and
the Moon masks are all about the reveal,
working with your skin to shine its radiance.


Babes are SO sensitive, and guess what —
so are the beings who incubate and care
for babes, the Mamas! Our Mama & Babe
potions support mamas and their littles
with healing and nourishing before, during,
and after birth. Honor the bod that brings
bebe through the gateway!!


One of the things we take very seriously
around the Fat and the Moon coven is
magic — the unseen web that connects all
things. When we feel separate, plants can
be our teachers in reminding us just how
inherent magic is to our existence. Partner
with a magical plant — such as Mugwort in
our Dream Weaver mist — and open to the
dimensions hidden in plain sight.

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Bath Soaks

Bath + Time = support of the rest and digest! Our
mineral based soaks keep ingredients suspended
in the water, rather than sinking to the bottom to
exfoliate your bare bum. Yowza! Leave the bath silky
smooth and thoroughly pruney. Get specific with your
soaking — Under the Weather, Soothe or Self Care.


Our olfactory system is our taproot to deep
memory. When you smell the fragrance of
a plant, you are hearing it speak to you;
botanical scent is chemical communication.
Our Plant Perfumes are entirely plant based,
so to smell the Plant Perfumes is to enter
the collective memory of plant and human

Fat and the Moon Sets

There is something spesh about a set. A set of dishware or towels makes each object feel as though it belongs to something greater- like a family. It’s with this warm and fuzzy feeling, along with wanting make your gift giving a breeze, that we’ve curated some F&M potions that just seem to just go together.

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