As the seasons begin to change, the needs of our bodies change. Summer heat to autumn chill is a great time to review our skin-protection. The overexposed and sundrenched requires a different approach to the buttoned up and flaky. We can help you navigate and compare our Face and Bod moisturizers to find which suit your skin's hydration goals. 

Let's play a little 'This or That' with our skin-nourishing potions.

Moon Milk

The antidote to fatigued and weary skin.

The two in one cleanser and moisturizer dream potion for those seeking dewiness. Plumps the skin with moisture with powerful humectants.

Face Oil

For the serum lover.

Botanically loaded with the skin repairing calendula, burdock, tamanu, and hemp to balance and nourish the skin. Excellent for dry, oily and depleted skin.  

All Cream

Potent and Simple. Deeply moisturize face and bod with this thick concentration of emollients and aloe and rose water.

(Condiment comparison: The cream cheese of FM lotions)

Aloe Lotion

Skin soothing and refreshing. Neutral and nourishing for face and bod. Puurfect for those sensitive skin types that also dry out easily. 

(Condiment comparison: The sour cream of FM lotions)

Love Thyself Bod Oil

Love Thyself is the epitome, post-bath, anointing oil.

Vetiver and clove remind us of the sensuality of incarnation. Self massage is an active of lymphatic love.

Moon Fat Bod Oil

The emollient, skin softening effect of this bod oil is amplified with the scent of clary sage: warm, musky, yet vegetal, almost like a resin.
Clary Sage helps us open to our tender places, which are our power sources.