Fat and the Moon believes herbal knowledge is part of all of our ancestry; we are all about connecting to our roots- literally and figuratively. F&M workshops are about skill building, magic making and spreading the basics of herbal knowledge. 

Below is a selection of workshops and classes taught by Rachel. If you are interested in hosting her to teach on one of these subjects, please reach out to customerservice@fatandthemoon.com

Plant Seer; The Magic of Connection

The role of the ‘seer’, another term for ‘witch’ or ‘healer’ in Slovenia denotes a particular power to not only treat an illness or wound, but to see and understand its cause. The Seer’s magic, in fact, is to treat both the cause and effect of dis-ease.

The Seer is savvy about relationships. The Seer maps context and interconnection.

The Plant Seer acknowledges the human as just one part of a dynamic ecosystem, one in which every living being is dependent on plants.

In this workshop we will be discussing Magical interactions with plants and their medicines through hands on potion making, discussion and reflection.


Yoni Care

Herbal body care is all about the communion between earth powers and your powers. What is more powerful than the yoni? Get your yoni care skills on! We will craft herbal remedies that cover the spectrum of vaginal bummers and discuss herbs focused on supporting the nether regions. Learn basic herbal medicine making techniques while creating products to support yoni worship. Put the healing of the Yoni in your hands and empower your flower!

While sipping herbal aphrodisiac teas, we will be making a selection of external herbal remedies and discuss basic internal approaches.

'Yoni' is a purposefully chosen, non-binary term to include all folks who may or may not identify as 'female'.


The Medium is the Message: Making Medicinal Vinegars, Magic Cordials and Digestive Bitters

Whether it be alcohol, vinegar, water, oil, lard or glycerin, the menstruum is the conduit of plant medicine. A menstruum holds something in suspense, it’s nature is to dissolve and absorb, to be more than just itself. The chemical compounds of plants, their magic and the intentions of the maker are held in the medium. The action of a menstruum is not only to hold, but to pre-digest allowing the suspended medicine to be imbibed and absorbed into another physiology. The menstruum is a bridge.


Body Care for Home Bodies

If you can’t put something in your body, you shouldn’t put it on your body! What better way to practice this ideal than to make body care potions from ingredients you have in your kitchen this very minute! Resourcefulness aside, as with food, the fresher and the more minimal ingredients the better it is for you. Let’s take our culinary artistry and apply it to our outsides!


Trickster Teachers: The Weeds

No matter how surrounded we are by concrete or skyscrapers, we are in Nature. We, in fact, ARE Nature. The relationship humans have always had with our environment continues, even if we are consciously unaware of it. The Weeds mirror our impact as well as our potential to heal. The Weeds are Tricksters, seemingly the bane of the perfect lawn’s existence- yet profound teachers.