Bubble Bath


Bubble Bath

Breathe Deep and Steep
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Details The marriage of the calming powers of lavender with bubbles fit for a queen. Our Lavender Bubble Bath supports that parasympathetic reset: rest, digest and repair. Herbal medicine just got dosed with luxury. Dose your bedtime ritual with Lavender Bubble Bath for the little on in your life with safe and gentle ingredients.


A bath is a sacred thing. Elevate your bath time with clouds of medicinal bubbles. Our gentle, and pH neutral formulation yields epic suds with integrity.
Specs 8 fl oz Ritual At the beginning of your bath, pump one to two pumps of bubble bath under a full blast faucet. The more pressure your faucet has, the more robust your bubbles will be- so watch out! Once you’ve reached your desired bubble amount, turn off the water and enter your pillowy, watery wonderland. Shelf Life Lasts 6 months. Store in a cool and dry place. Our products are organic and freshly made-to-order products. We do not use toxins that make things last forever.


Distilled water, Lauryl Glucose, Local Nevada County Honey, Coco Glucoside, Decyl Glucoside, Vegetable Glycerin*, Guar Gum (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba), Citric Acid, DL Panthenol, Quinoa Extract (Chenopodium quinoa), Algae Extract (Laminaria spp.)*, Elderberry Extract (Sambucus spp.), Willow Bark Extract (Salix nigra), Xanthan Gum (Xanthomonas campestris)

Essential oils of Lavender (Lavandula spp.)*


Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)* and Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)*

^Ethically & Safely Wildcrafted

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