Fat Crush: Felicia Yoder

Written by Admin Crew October 05, 2021
Some crushes are from afar, and some are right up close. We are crushing hard, right up close, on Kosmos Spa(ce) Cafe baker Felicia Yoder. Her background in French pastry is a nod to her sophistication and appreciation for tradition which then she promptly applies to concocting the most outrageously delish raw, vegan and gluten free sweets you will ever try.

Her dry wit, piping skills and ball gown wearing in the kitchen makes us swoon everyday. Oh yeah, and Leonard, her kitty is our Kosmos mascot. Yes, he is bathed and lotioned with the highest vibe herbal skincare.

Check out her gorgeous photo skills on her IG, and her incredible treats when you come to visit Fat and the Moon’s sister, Kosmos Spa(ce) in Nevada City, CA. Book a facial, have a pot of hojicha and a slice of raw apple caramel tart- and bliss out like you were born to. We love you Felicia.

Kosmos Spa(ce) Deep Dive

Kosmos Spa(ce) is a temple honoring a holistic approach to Self Care. Self Care is a reclamation of life’s most precious gift, Time. They value and cultivate the liminal and the parasympathetic energies of rest, repair, and creation through the medium of facials, events and potions. Alongside spa services, Kosmos Spa(ce) cafe offers house made herbal drinks, high vibe teas and snacks to nourish our clients and community. 
Visit kosmosspace.com to learn more!