Face Love Set


Face Love Set

Herbal Skincare Power Pack
Details For your sister who’s been in a battle with her skin for years, and you want to help that girl make peace with herself. Just say, ‘no more war’ with ‘potions for peace’.


All Cream’s Shea Butter provides a lovely lipid layer which protects the skin and traps in all the good moisture we need to stay supple. Rose water, one of the oldest and most honored cosmetic potions, has toned and hydrated the skin of many queens. No wonder its scent is so familiar.

Though the ingredients are gentle, Aloe Lotion shows no remorse in the face of dry, parched, chapped, or withered skin. This unscented lotion can be used for face and body alike.

Face Oil helps your skin re-negotiate its own oil production and achieve peace and harmony.

Light as a Featha is an oil-free, soap-free, good enough to eat dry exfoliating cleanser. The coconut and clay add just the right amount of grit to polish the skin without crossing the line into the sandpaper zone, just right for my sensitive skin peoples.

Choice of All Cream (2oz) or Aloe Lotion (2oz), Light as a Featha Cleansa, and Face Oil (1oz). Three potions total. Ritual Cleanse and hydrate. Combine with an intuitive reading with Jessica Lanyadoo for cosmic prezzie potential. Shelf Life Lasts 4 months. Store in a cool and dry place. Our products are organic and freshly made-to-order products. We do not use toxins that make things last forever.


See individual product pages for full lists of ingredients.

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