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Social Good

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Round Up at Checkout
This month’s Round Up Donation directly benefits The Heliotrope Foundation to help communities respond and heal after natural disasters and other urgent social crises. In their words: “​​We believe that the creative process can and should be a part of how we heal, rebuild and move forward after natural disasters, economic devastation, and moments of social crisis”.

Founded by Caledonia Curry / Swoon (an artist near and dear to our hearts) in 2015, The Heliotrope Foundation houses projects like art therapy courses, generating work for artists, shelter builds, ceramics workshops and more. Looking through the lens of art, the organization creates a safe space for art to come into this world where it may not have generated otherwise. The Heliotrope Foundation is also currently partnering with Z’akiyah House, an organization that offers safe transitional housing for people coming out of prison and homelessness.
Latest Fat Crush
“You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” This quote from the great Angela Davis came to mind the first time we heard LaTosha Brown describe her vision behind Black Voters Matter, the organization she founded with Cliff Albright to fight for power in marginalized communities. Online one can find dozens of videos of Latosha succinctly exposing many forms of systemic oppression with various talking heads on cable news, but when given the patience of a longer format the power and beauty of her vision for societal reform is given the space to bloom into brilliant fullness. In a recent interview with the Breakfast Club (required viewing, youtube it) LaTosha said “you have to be relentless about your liberation”, which describes her multifaceted approach—from meetings at the White House to getting arrested while demonstrating for voting rights outside on the capitol steps and traveling to cities and small towns to inspire communities toward realizing a better future. We’re crushing hard on LaTosha. Follow her @mslatoshabrown and @blackvotersmtr on Instagram to find out what she’s up to.
Fat and the moon at its core is about healing