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Social Good

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Round Up at Checkout
This month we are featuring California Heritage: Indigenous Research Project for our Round Up Donation.

Fat and the Moon lives on Nisenan land. The local organization CHIRP, who works to protect, preserve and perpetuate Nisenan culture is now exhibiting in their downtown space ‘ERASESD’. ‘ERASED’ is an art exhibit bringing to light anti-Indian legislation, negation of Tribal sovereignty and lasting impacts of forced assimilation that continue to affect the Nisenan.
Latest Fat Crush
Meet our latest Fat Crush, Carey, our local UPS driver. So much of what makes our lives possible is invisible. We are blessed if we know the farmers who grow our food, or the folks who make our clothes. It trips us OUT to think of how many hands touched our bag of corner store tortilla chips before we snack it, or how many miles our earbuds spent on a boat before we plug them in. One gift from these covid years has been the awareness and appreciation of essential workers, the folks who we f’ing depend on. In the spirit of these workers continuing to get the props (and paychecks) they deserve, we want to highlight the folks who bring you Fat and the Moon, your mail carriers.
Fat and the moon at its core is about healing