Monthly Herbal Lives with Rachel Budde

Build your herbal skills in this new monthly series of Herbal Lives with HWIC (Head Witch in Charge) Rachel Budde. Lemon balm is one of our favorite springtime herbs, and cordials are one of our fave herbal potions.

Our founder and herbalist Rachel Budde is super stoked on this class on herb infused oil for topical use. She will demonstrate a basic recipe that you can add to your herbal tool belt and tweak and personalize to your heart’s content!

Bolster the bod with tonic doses of botanicals in some chunky, nutty, delicious goodness. This lesson on Herbal Granola also gives us a minute to share about another hot topic: adaptogens!

When Art and Magic Collide

Blackberry supports thoughts unfolding into actions with traction. Your inspiration wants to be born into reality; blackberry is your midwife.

Dance by Jentry Hungtinton
Music by Shana Cleveland
Video by Hayley Harper

Convergence of Art, Dance, Song, Healing and Self Care.

Dance by Salma Vir
Music by Shhor
Video by Hayley Harper

Amaranth guides us to plug back into the cosmic matrix, which is exponentially bigger than the sum of its parts. feeling the same, making our hearts grow real big.

Dance by Salma Vir
Music by Shhor
Video by Hayley Harper

Plants Become Potions

All Salve

Aloe Lotion

All Cream

Lavender and Cocoa Dry Shampoo

Mermaid Mask

Balm and Buds

Clay Idol Lip Paint

Acid Base

Lip and Cheek Stain

Bod Cleanse

Day to Day Shampoo and Conditioner

Sage and Rose Face Mist