Day Moon Bod Powder

Day Moon Bod Powder

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Want to reduce the friction in your life? Sometimes staying cool and collected means you need to be dry and dusted. Might sound a little old fashion, but a good ‘ole scented powder is just what the epidermis ordered. Fresh out the bath, bod powder absorbs sweat and makes the environment inhospitable to those little bacterial friends who make us stinky. A little Day Moon Bod Powder in all the right places keeps the skin moving smoothly. Don’t let chafe trouble that saunter! The light, plant-based bright and sunny, yet grassy scent adds a major yum factor. Talc-free y’all.


Lovely as a deodorant for those who like to powder, rather than paste, their pits!

2 fl oz 


- arrowroot powder*
- kaolin clay
- essential oils of clary sage*
- grapefruit*
- silica


To use, pour out a smidge of the Bod Powder in your hands and apply to the regions prone to sweatin’ and stickin’. Use a bod dusting brush if you’re hella Victorian style classy like that. Safe to use in all nether zones. External use only, you adventurous ones.

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