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This is what is important to us...
Our Team
Fat and the Moon is an entity: her bones are a business, and her flesh and blood- soul and spirit are sculpted by the magic hands and hearts of the folks that call FM their J-O-B. ⁣Along with our founding herbalist, our team consists of budding herbalists, bakers, estheticians, artists, athletes, jewelry designers, musicians, activists, and gardeners— to name a few. ⁣

⁣ Their labor births Fat and the Moon everyday. We like to keep our humanity front and center; we want to be stoked, not stressed when we are making your potions. Vibes are a key ingredient. ⁣

When you throw down your hard earned dollars for a FM potion, you broadcast a message that you value the labor, and the love behind all things.⁣ ⁣
Local Farmers
We see the direct and powerful bond between plants and farmers. We are so honored to be able to work with both the plant beings and the farmers they’ve grown, because they literally are a part of the magic infused in each FM potion.⁣⁣⁣

Soil Sisters Farm - Nevada City, CA
Camil Teoyotica - Nevada City, CA
Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetables - Mendocino Coast, CA
Kosmos Spa(ce)
We are honored to introduce you to Fat and the Moon’s bae sister, Kosmos Spa(ce). She is the extra sister, with a taste for embellishment, flourish and daily doses of raw, vegan turtle cheesecake.

Kosmos Spa(ce) is a temple honoring a holistic approach to Self Care. Self Care is a reclamation of life’s most precious gift, Time. We value and cultivate the liminal and the parasympathetic energies of rest, repair, and creation through the medium of facials, events and potions. Alongside our services, Kosmos Spa(ce) cafe offers house made herbal drinks, high vibe teas and snacks to nourish our clients and community.

Kosmos Spa(ce) is located on Nisenan Territory, also known as Nevada City, CA.
Fat and the moon at its core is about healing