You are nature

Every aspect of Fat and the Moon is an ingredient in our products; from locally sourced herbs, to our low waste packaging, to the handcrafted way we make our products, to our inclusive, body affirming messaging. Fat and the Moon’s mission is to create a thriving culture of Self Care by providing intentional sourced and consciously crafted herbal body care products.
As witches, we aim for the stars so we can change the world. Sustainable practices are a baseline, and we don’t get comfy there. ‘Regeneration’ vs ‘Sustainable’ is a more active term we can get behind, and to be a regenerative entity, we have to stay on our toes. At Fat and the Moon, we let our commitment to more aligned materials, suppliers, practices, and systems lead our way. Waste does not exist in non-human nature, everything is food for something else; since this is the standard we are aiming for, we always fall short. That’s what keeps us going.
Every month, we love to partner, amplify and collaborate with other businesses, activists, artists and organizations who are doing life affirming, justice seeking, skill reclaiming and heart centered work. We create ecosystems through nourishing networks. Please reach out if your organization would like to work with us.