Welcome to Fat and the Moon


Welcome to Fat and the Moon

Make the S-Witch
Pit Cream:
Details We know you care about the Earth, that you see the radiance in all sentient beings, and that you are a good human doing your best...and so it is time to take it to the next level. How? Intentional Self Care.


Your medicine cabinet should reflect your values as much as your actions do! Taking good care of your bod can be a way to take care of the Earth by making the S-Witch to non-toxic, Coven made, Fat and the Moon bod care.

This set includes your choice of Deodorant Cream (2 fl oz) or Sensitive Pit Cream (2oz). Bite & Burn Spray (1 fl oz), and All Salve (2 fl oz) to replace current chemy brands.
Three potions in total Shelf Life Lasts 6 months. Store in a cool and dry place. Our products are organic and freshly made-to-order products. We do not use toxins that make things last forever.


See individual product pages for full lists of ingredients.

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