In the spirit of enlivening our resilience with the tried and true skills of our herbal heritage, Rachel Budde, founder of Fat and the Moon, is offering a series of hour long webinars on the basics of herbal medicine. She will be focusing on plants near and dear, from the back yard or spice drawer. 

Join us in kicking off the first webinar in the series:

The Medium is the Message; Alcohol and Vinegar Extractions!



Webinar 1: The Medium is the Message; Alcohol & Vinegar Plant Extractions

Join us as we kick off our Herbal Resistance Webinar Series and learn how to make a plant tincture from both dry and fresh plants, using both alcohol and vinegar. Learn about the properties of each menstruum, and jumpstart your herbal pharmacy from plants in your backyard and spice drawer!


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 This webinar is donation based.

Suggested $20 donation to Seeding Sovereignty.

We ask that you donate to our incredible friends at Seeding Sovereignty, an indigenous organization seeking aid to help indigenous communities fight COVID-19.

During this global pandemic, Indigenous communities will be last to receive desperately needed PPE, medical care and support.

Their Indigenous Impact Rapid Response Initiative works to immediately provide sewn protective masks, distribute healthy meal kits to elders and families, fund essential stipends directly to those in need, and send Indigenous authored books to quarantined students.

Seeding Sovereignty supports Navajo, Apache, and Pueblo communities in New Mexico where need is critical. In addition to children and young womxn, they are committed to the Elder culture and language bearers who sustain communities, ways of knowing and provide grandparent medicine. Their Indigenous knowledge can help our global community during this crisis. 

Donations can be made here.