Welcome to the Fat and the Moon family! Please read through the following policies and requirements for selling Fat and the Moon products in your shop or online store. You may download a PDF version of this document here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Wholesale Team at wholesale@fatandthemoon.com

Order Placement

Wholesale orders must be placed via our wholesale website, www.fatandthemoonwholesale.com.

Emailed orders will not be processed unless otherwise discussed and approved. Straight up.



A minimum of $250 is required for each wholesale order placed via our website with immediate payment terms. Net 30/60 terms require $750/$2000 order minimums and are available upon request and approval. Full terms are described below (see Payment Methods & Terms). Once your order is placed, you have 5 days to make any edits or cancel your order. After 5 days, since the witches have already started to brew your potions, your order is not able to be changed, cancelled, or refunded. Considering our lead-time, please try to ensure your final order quantities are realistic for your current and projected sales. 

For orders that have alteration requests after the allotted 5 day window: 

A flat $100 fee will be applied and another week will be added to the projected lead-time of shipping out your order.

Adjustments to MSRP need to be confirmed (per SKU) and agreed upon prior to placement of first order with us! Please reach out with any questions/concerns in this regard.

The offerings that we make available via our wholesale website and according to our wholesale linesheet are the extent of what is available to our stockists - we do not offer or authorize Fat and the Moon Set's as an option for resale. Our products are not authorized to be sold via Amazon, Walmart, or any other third party market that is not pre-approved by us. If you do sell our products on these markets without prior authorization, you will be subject to legal action. 



For domestic orders over $750, we offer free shipping!

Fat and the Moon is made fresh to order, so please allow a variable three week lead time (21-25 days) from the date your order was placed. From the beginning of October through December, expect a lead time of up to four weeks due to the holiday season. It is highly recommended to place your holiday orders as early as September or October. 

For stockists requesting expedited fulfillment after order placement: a $20 fee will be applied for every day the order is pushed up the production schedule.

All domestic orders will be shipped via USPS by default. Items will be shipped in 3-4 weeks from when they are ordered via USPS Mail based on weight. Please keep in mind the products are hand made in small batches to order! Orders are shipped to the address provided. Orders shipped to incorrect addresses will not be reshipped or refunded.

Tracking + Insurance via Route will be applied to every order submitted and all shipping costs are paid for by the customer. If, by special case and approval, alternative shipping has been arranged and paid for by the customer, a 3% handling fee will be added to your invoice. 


If you are a stockist outside of the United States, please take note of VAT and customs fees! We are not responsible for any fees accrued once the package has arrived at your destination. We recommend checking with your local post office to receive a quote on what these fees may be prior to placing your order. For questions relating to international shipping, please reach out to wholesale@fatandthemoon.com

We offer USPS, UPS, and can bill your DHL or FedEx account  - please make note of your courier preference at checkout or upon submission of purchase order!



Payment will be due at time of checkout. You will have the option of paying via debit/credit card or PayPal. All standard term orders must be paid for before they are processed. If your preferred payment method is via check, please contact us prior to order placement so we can discuss your options. Net terms are available upon prior approval and fulfillment of the following requirements:



Tester sizes are for samples only and are not for resale! Not every product has a designated “tester” size. If you would like a product for the purposes of sampling that does not have a tester size, we recommend ordering an additional unit to use as your tester. We do not offer any further discounts on non-tester sizes meant to be used as testers, with the exception of our Adornment Line (see details below).

Adornment Line Specific: If you purchase 6 units of a single variant, you may receive one “tester” for free. Make note of your preference by including it in the notes field provided when submitting the order through our online shop.

If you place an order request directly via email to our wholesale contact, please reply to the invoice / order confirmation with a statement of your desired tester unit.

Make sure to check your testers every few months to ensure they are still in good shape!

Testers sell the products, and gross ones are major deterrents!



Please be mindful of your neighbors and if we are already working with a shop in your area, we will not discuss or consider terminating our existing working relationship!

We generally do not offer exclusivity to our stockists - we encourage neighboring shops to work together to find an equitable solution in sharing the extensive product line that we offer!

That being said, if it is a matter of urgency and you would like to negotiate ZIP code protection for your business, we are always open to discussion! Please reach out to wholesale@fatandthemoon.com to inquire.



Fat and the Moon products are made fresh in order to ensure the highest quality! They are not made to last forever. Therefore, the product should not be left in the sun, a hot room, or on a shelf for longer than three months. Shelf life varies per product, but we generally encourage all of our customers to use our products within a year of purchase for the most optimal experience! Refer to our website listings for product specific shelf life information.

The oils in the Face Oil, Growing Belly Balm, Earth Surface Primer are fragile to light and heat, and therefore, must stay out of direct sun and high temperatures. Make sure to check your testers every so often to ensure they are still in good shape!


Due to the nature of the products, returns cannot be accepted. We will only replace items that are damaged. If there is an issue, please contact us and we will do our very best to remedy the situation. 

We do not offer a “buy back” program for any of our products sold, under any circumstances - if you have concerns about your ability to sell FM product, please reach out to us directly at wholesale@fatandthemoon.com or refer to our Resources tab on the wholesale website - we would be more than happy to jump on a call and provide you with any information you may require and to make our wares more viable in your shop!

Please read ingredients carefully! Know your allergies! Test a small patch of skin with a product and wait 24 hr. If an allergic occurs, discontinue use! Please email us with concerns.

If a customer has purchased one of our products via your shop, you are responsible for the handling of any returns/exchanges as you wish. If you have a customer service issue that you believe is at our fault, please contact us immediately to discuss.



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