Sensitive Pit Cream
Sensitive Pit Cream
Sensitive Pit Cream

Sensitive Pit Cream

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Ever heard…"You’re sooooo sensitive”? Did you take it as a put down? I feel you. But let me tell you, sensitivity = feeling = being in touch with your heart = listening to your heart = getting to know your true self = being your true self = embracing being the snowflake you are = being a snowflake.

You know what? Snowflakes need deodorant.

Snowflake, it’s hot out there. Sometimes you get real sweaty and stinky--it’s normal.

Fat and the Moon is full of snowflakes, and we are your comrades in sweaty snowflake-dom!

There are some of us who can appreciate baking soda at a distance, but man once it hits the pits- the skin is like “heck no”. Some need less essential oils on their arm nooks because the plants just tickle these folks right into a rash. Some snowflakes just love to get a whiff of the grassy-grassy-ness of vetiver and green pop of basil. That’s the thing about snowflakes, they are all different.

For the most sensi-sensitive-sensivistas, give our Bod Powders a try for Deodorant!

For best results, use within 1-year of purchase
2 fl oz & 6 fl oz

- coconut oil*
- arrowroot powder*
- magnesium hydroxide (aka milk of magnesia)
- beeswax
- essential oil of basil*

- essential oil of vetiver*

2 fl oz & 6 fl oz

Ok, you know the drill- use a pea size amount for both your armpits. Send a little ‘hello’ to each one, as you rub in the Cream, sup guys!

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