Written by Fat and the Moon January 22, 2016

Walking to the studio today I came across an abandoned lot absolutely chock full of medicinal and edible plants. I looked to my other side and saw even more in the open sidewalk patch. While the heavy metals from either toxic soil or car exhaust makes these herbs sketchy for consumption, I'm taken aback by the abundance and availability of these plants. There is a much higher concentration of all these medicinal plants in open lots, as well as along the paths in the park than deeper in the woods. This brings up an idea that has been extremely inspiring to me; the weeds that grow prolifically in urban areas have medicinal properties that directly address the ailments of people living in the urban landscape. I see more and more proof of that everyday.

Some of the plants shown below: red clover, mugwort, chickweed, hedge mustard, shepard's purse, plantain, burdock, nettle, violet, dandelion, common mallow and wild garlic.