All Cream Evolution

Written by Admin Crew April 06, 2022

It is tough to evolve. It’s usually through repeated unsavory consequences that we finally recognize  something just ain’t working and we are pushed to level up. As much as we try to convince ourselves of the rightness of things staying just the way they are, IRL begs to differ.

That all said, sometimes evolution is a f’ing expansive, beautiful, ecstatic process. We are freed, our hearts open to new realms of possibility. Our reformulation of our beloved and OG All Cream is a blend of both sides of the evolving coin.

Our super simple recipe is All Cream’s strength and….weakness. She is a sensitive soul, and reacts to a whole slew of environmental fluctuations. Too hot, too cold, or a little to hot then room temp, or room temp, then too cold, then back again…you catch the drift. She. Doesn’t. Like. It.

As Fat and the Moon has evolved, our Coven makers are powerhouse witch alchemists. Their knowledge has grown a’many fold and they are itching to make All Cream more resilient. 

We will be taking All Cream offline on 4/1 to begin the evolution.

In our process, we invite you.

We know you die hard All Creamers out there! We need you! We want to send you samples of All Cream’s new identities. 

One thing you can be sure of, while All Cream gets a reboot, she will still be gentle, hella hydrating and non toxic. 

If you want to test new renditions and formulations along the way and are willing to follow up with feedback, sign up below.


We'll select 20 people at random to participate, but if you're not selected, don't sweat— we'll be thanking you for your interest when the new and improved version is launched.

So friends, let us evolve in unison.  


We wouldn’t take All Cream offline without offering up an equally wondrous alternative. We would love to introduce you to Aloe Lotion, unscented and a bit lighter in consistency than our beloved All Cream. Have no fear, parched ones, our Aloe Lotion is powerful enough to quench the thirstiest of skin.

Aloe hydrates and soothes while sunflower oil replenishes the skin with the nutrients it needs to repair. Aloe Lotion’s gentle disposition makes it a perfect companion for sensitive skin -- sensitivity being a quality to nurture, not a problem to solve.