All Salve All Day

Written by Fat and the Moon October 09, 2017


At Fat and the Moon, we all have our solids - products we have with us at all times that is.

Solids are a big part of being a minimal maximalist, getting a lot of use out of a single product. Of course, we aim to make things that last a long time, but what really gets us going is getting multiple, and sometimes surprising, uses outta our potions.

On a weekend trip, I forgot every toiletry except for my Deodorant Cream. I was stoked at the results when I used it as my facial cleanser. Don't knock it 'til you try it.

I've known farmers to use the Poison Oak Mud as toothpaste pretty darn effectively.

And the star of all solids... the appropriately named, All Salve.

Beth, the Fat and the Moon shipper extraordinaire, and tech and social media savvy savior discusses her love of All Salve. Beth is in herb school at Acorn School of Herbal Medicine and is a recent transplant from Asheville, NC:


We all need those staple items to get us by...that dress that hugs you in all the right places, the mug you found at Goodwill 4 years ago that holds the perfect amount of coffee, that worn down pair of sneakers that miraculously matches your entire wardrobe. And, you guessed it, All Salve. When I say I use this for everything, I mean that I legitimately always have one handy on my bedside table, medicine cabinet, and purse. When my hands are torn up from rock climbing, I rub that goodness in and they're ready for more crags by the next weekend.

Calendula is one of the main ingredients in our All Salve, and it's also one of my favorite herbs. It's a powerhouse of awesome healing properties--its anti-inflammatory properties significantly help lower that puffiness you get around rashes, bruises, and minor scrapes. And, hey, did you wake up with a few extra pounds of baggage under your eyes? I apply a thin layer of this goodness under my eyes from that late-night studying (or Netflix watching..) and it brings the puff down to a less jolting level. Another neat thing about Calendula? It's anti-microbial powers lend a big hand in keeping pesky microbes out of your wounds, thus speeding up recovery! Ain't nobody got time for infection when we're trying to heal a wound!  

When it comes to skin repair, we gotta gab about our dear Comfrey for a moment. Comfrey root and leaves contain a pretty magical substance called Allantoin, which is a cell proliferative. In other words, it means that it promotes new skin cell growth and protects the skin. Those properties make sense to why the genus name for comfrey (Symphytum) means to "unite or knit together." Not only does Comfrey "knit" our scrapes and bones back together, but it does so with minimal scarring. I've personally had a few deep cuts during my time with Fat and the Moon, and coming from a girl that is covered in tiny scars from years of tree climbing and general clumsiness, it's baffling what hasn't scared while using this little tin o' wonders! Yerba Mansa also promotes skin repair and has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a super effective addition to our mix of badass, yet gentle, skin-warriors.  

Speaking of skin-warriors, I can't leave out St. John's Wort. It is my favorite medicinal herb that I've developed a relationship with in the past few months, and I'm still constantly learning from it; we harvest our St. John's Wort locally, which is a great experience in itself. There's nothing better in my mind than being in a lush meadow surrounded by these beautiful yellow flowers. Besides its alluring red hue produced during infusion, I immediately think of my skin when St. John's Wort is mentioned. I'm an extremely fair-skinned gal, which means SPF 50 is necessary for me to enjoy a day in the sun without resembling a lobster. But, despite how much sunscreen I apply, I usually always walk away with a bit of a burn. St. John's Wort is one heck of a powerful soother and healer of minor burns on our skin. Whether it's from the sun, or from grabbing that cast iron pan without a potholder, it drastically helps to alleviate the pain associated with burns. It's vulnerary, or tissue-healing, properties speed up regeneration and healing of the skin, which is another reason we've added it to our Salve. It's also a powerful anti-inflammatory, which we know is an important part of the healing process.  

While All Salve is good for scrapes, burns, and cuts, it's also something I have handy during the spring and summer when the insects are plentiful. Did those pesky critters give you a few too many friendly nibbles? Coating a bit of this over bug bites works wonders for both healing and the prevention of thriving bacteria. And, it's equally as powerful on our more sensitive areas, like our mouths and eyes. Feeling a bit chapped and don't have that dandy lil' Lip Salve on you? All Salve is a wicked moisturizer that'll help keep your pucker extra kissable.  

What I particularly love about All Salve, and what makes it vital to have in my arsenal, is its versatility. Puffy eyes, bug bites, bumps, scratches, etc. are all important. But, I've begun to adore it's potential for adornment just as much. If you're trying to bat those beautiful eyelashes but crave a little more pep in your flutter, this stuff lifts lashes and gives them that subtle pop without coating your delicate skin in mascara. The skin around our eyes is super thin and sensitive, so giving them a break from that makeup regime and using a natural alternative is a good idea every now and then. I use my eyelash curler and then apply just a tad bit of All Salve with my finger to lift my lashes up.

Booyah--instant flirtatious eyes.




Bottom line, this stuff is the bees-knees, y'all.

(And, it's great at softening that tough skin on knees and elbows, too!)