FAT CRUSH: Samin Nosrat

Written by Admin Crew May 30, 2022


The adoration we feel for Samin Nosrat is major— like off the charts swoon-factor. A chef, author, teacher, podcast host, and culinary visionary, Samin and her work has become a bonified household name. 
Samin started her culinary career while studying English at UC Berkeley (hey neighbor!), working under restaurateur Alice Waters at Chez Panisse. Since then, she’s pursued both passions, writing and cooking, with vigor, and has become a NYT Bestselling author, James Beard Award winner, and earned a spot on Time's list of the 100 most influential people in the world with her book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat. 
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat teaches readers "from the ground up, how to be a good cook," functioning more as a textbook than a recipe collection. It helps readers improve their everyday cooking with a fundamental understanding of food, improvising instead of needing to follow recipes. And the illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton— chef’s kiss.  Published in 2017, it remained on best-selling lists for over THREE years! A documentary series based on Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is now streaming on Netflix

In March 2020, Samin and friend Hrishikesh Hirway started the podcast Home Cooking, which set out to help people cook for themselves amidst the pandemic. It initially started as a way of answering the question, "How do I use the things I have in my pantry?" during a time when people were over-buying particular ingredients out of fear of accessibility, and turned into an ongoing show of culinary creativity and inspiration. The show won the 2021 iHeartRadio award for Best Food Show, and was named one of the best podcasts of 2020 by Time, Rolling Stone, Vulture, The Economist, and The Atlantic.
Samin is a true queen, dripping in well-earned accolades, and has stolen our hearts and our full attention. We have a feeling she is just getting started. 


Instagram:  @ciaosamin