Let Go and GET Goddess

Written by Fat and the Moon March 16, 2020

In times of crisis, I like to say: “let go and GET goddess."

We are lucky humans to have pantheons of goddesses to draw wisdom from.
In these times, we can learn a lot from Hygieia and her sisters about Health: the new Wellness.

Hygieia reminds us that our health is in our hands...when we wash them. Sanitation is sanity.

Aceso reminds us that healing is a dynamic process that needs to be honored. This might mean we need to change the course of our lives for a bit to turn inward and be attentive to the needs of our bodies (and the needs of other bodies). Iaso reminds us about Time, that recuperation slows things down. Time for recuperation is a sacred Time of re-building, a time to reassess what works for our good, and what doesn’t.

Panacea is the remedy, which takes many forms. She reminds us that the medicine and the wound (or dis-ease) are interconnected. Remedies arise as dis-ease arises. It’s time to dig into the intuitive/herbal skills of our ancient grannies, they flow in our blood.

And last, but definitely not least is Aglaia, who reminds us that staying connected to adornment, beauty, and splendor contributes greatly to our Health. Without relishing these gifts, we lose contact with one of the most healing substances on the planet: Joy.

These goddesses got-us. They empower us with practical tools. Let us bestow offerings upon them in the form of taking care of ourselves and each other.