Self Lovin'

Written by Fat and the Moon February 14, 2018

Janine Antoni's 'Lick and Lather' 
Self Portrait busts made of chocolate (which she licked) and soap (which she bathed with). 

Valentine’s Day is alright. I mean, I like the ways pinks and reds get more play, and that fancy chocolate becomes more of a priority. Other than that, it seems like a cheesy excuse for a Hallmark hustle and a defacto Singles Awareness Day.

But then I remember how few opportunities we have collectively to celebrate love! To celebrate love is pretty radical these days, and love is so much more than romantic love!

I wonder then: why not embrace the hearts, the red, the pink and the chocolate buzz and channel it towards deep love- towards empowered self love? Self love is the love that makes us more available to love others wholeheartedly, to be kinder and more compassionate humans.

So what does Self Love even mean? For some, the idea of Self Love can have negative connotations of self involvement, arrogance, and a ‘better than you’ attitude. Yet the motivating factor of those traits is insecurity as well as a scarcity mentality where one must compete with others for love and validation. Self Love is way deeper than that. Self Love is when your heart fills with tenderness at memories of your most awkward teenage phase. It is when you make a boundary with someone who is pushing you past your comfort zone, even if you might be seen as ‘not nice’. It is tuning into your body about what feels right, to wear, to eat, and to be nourished by.

Self Love is the way we come home to ourselves.

Splendid Spoon interviewed our founder Rachel Budde on the topics of Self Love and Self care. Check our the full interview here, along with a delicious mask recipe!

Here's a little taste:

Splendid Spoon: Hi Rachel! How do you incorporate self-love and self-care into Fat and The Moon?

Rachel Budde: Cultivating a healthy connection to ourselves is at the center of Fat and the Moon’s ethos. Self-Love and Self-Care embody this concept.

Our culture often tells us that we don’t measure up: we need to do something, be something, or have something to be worthy of love. That is especially true in women’s psyches.

Self-Love and Self-Care are feminist issues. As a feminist business, Fat and the Moon supports these practices of empowerment. If we love ourselves, we’re less susceptible to insidious methods of control and manipulation, which play on our insecurities. We need to nourish ourselves so we can be our strongest, and therefore bring our true selves into the world.