Who’s showing up?

Written by Fat and the Moon August 24, 2017


The weeds of Brooklyn helped me re-member. These Trickster plant allies were the medicines of my ancestors (probably yours too), their phytochemistry biologically linked with my own. Their resilience, adaptability, capacity to heal the environments they grow in and seeming sense of humor are additional elements of their medicines making them that much more appropriate for our contemporary Western dis-ease.  

I’m always interested to see which weeds appear, they speak to what needs healing. I encourage people who’ve taken my classes on the Trickster Medicines (aka weeds) to check out the weeds that pop up in their yards, or flower pots. Often times, there is a resonance with the plant and what needs tending in the life of the human the plant has chosen as their neighbor.

Now, I am not saying that the plant world is only existing for the health and happiness of humans- sacrificing themselves willingly for our benefit alone! PAH-lease.

What I AM saying is that we live in one big ecosystem, the health and well being of one organism ensures the wellbeing of every other. The Plants live in the world of cooperation and reciprocity, a world hard to imagine by too many humans- where competition rules. The Plants got one up on us though, because they get that it’s way more comfy to take care and be cared for. Makes for Balance.

So when Poke and Morning Glory showed up in the garden, I took notice. At first, I thought Poke might have been a stray Sunflower or Amaranth, so we watched and let it grow. Morning Glory is a plant close to my heart, and even though I KNEW the takeover was inevitable, I let her grow. Poke (Phytolacca americana) is a powerful innate immune system stimulator- too much Poke Berry or Root is toxic. Adding a small amount to a formula is reserved for entrenched infection, and a quickened recovery. The spirit of Poke helps move resentment, one of the stickiest of stucknesses which so often clogs our ability to truly grow.

Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea) comes from a large botanical family abundant with gifts benefiting humankind- food, medicine, material and visionary experience. While not a plant I would suggest taking internally, one can experience the Spirit Medicine by spending time with Morning Glory. Morning Glory addresses the split between the body and the mind as it relates to projecting oneself out: into to do lists, future ambitions, business, fantasy, etc to the point of forgetting about the body, leading to fatigue and burnout.

Spirit Medicines take on meaning for different people. Considering the message of Poke and Morning Glory’s presence to me personally, gives me a profound and humbling sense of the wisdom inherent in the environment around me. Poke and Morning Glory have been powerful mirrors, giving me the strength to take on their medicines. We are, literally, surrounded by teachers.