Worshipping Wolf Shepherd

Wolf Shepherd. A walking paradox. ⁣

Wolf Shepherd evades definition. In Slovenian folk mythology, s(he) is a chthonic being who wanders the fringe between this world and the world beyond. Wolf Shepherd is a human become wolf. Or a wolf become (wo)man. Or a wanderer. Or a healer. Or a spirit. Or a sage. ⁣

Shepherd of hoofed herds, Master of Wolves, courier between realms; when Wolf Shepherd appears, s(he) marks a boundary in the fertility cycle. Winter swells into Spring, Summer softens into Fall. And yet- Wolf Shepherd resists the comforts of dualistic thinking. S(he) is the either/and, the betwixt and between, the liminal; particle and waveform. Look too closely, and you’ll see nothing at all. ⁣

Traversing realms is no easy task, and Wolf Shepherd walks with a slight limp. Don’t let her lameness deceive you. Immortally curious, this is merely her badge for having traveled so far. ⁣

As seasons pivot around this Equinox, we look to Wolf Shepherd as a reminder to enjoy the peculiar magic of the transition state.⁣


📸✨ by @hayflux

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