Fat Crush: Erin Wilkins of Herb Folk

Written by Admin Crew October 05, 2021
This month we’re crushing on Erin Wilkins who spreads the good word about Asian American Herbalism through her shop Herb Folk. Erin’s clinical work is rooted in Eastern energetic theory -- tapping into her own ancestral healing traditions to empower others to restore health and prevent illness. Erin founded Herb Folk in 2016 to spotlight Asian American herbalism and to serve our community by making holistic health care more accessible. If you’re not from around these parts you can get a taste of what Herb Folk is cooking up by signing up for one of their Asian American Folk Traditions virtual workshops which focus on Eastern energetics and seasonal wellness through food and herbalism.⁣

Erin remains a dedicated activist at the intersection of herbalism, racial equity and environmental justice. She is a parent to two young kids and a proud Yonsei. ⁣
PLANT BFFs: Chrysanthemum, Mugworts, Cha, Redwood⁣
FAV AUTHORS: Morrison, Hurston, Allende, Davis⁣
ASTROLOGY: Gemini sun / Capricorn moon⁣
ELEMENTS: Metal / Earth⁣

We asked Erin to choose an organization to receive the proceeds from round-up donations placed at our checkout and she chose Good Good Eatz Oakland, an organization working to support ethnic food districts and building Black-Asian unity in the Bay Area. ⁣Check them out —> @goodgoodeatz