Bod Focus: Birthing Bod

Written by Marketing FM May 06, 2023

 The Birthing Bod is a generating vessel.

There isn’t one part of human physiology unaffected by pregnancy, it is a full takeover. Hormones flood, blood pumps, organs shift, the skeleton relaxes all to stretch, grow and build. Herbal medicine is often taboo during pregnancy. While it is wise to be cautious, there are many safe and very helpful herbs that assist the birthing body. Consult your local herbalist!

The Herbal Approach:

Nourish, soothe and regulate. Teas from plants like red raspberry leaf, nettle and oat straw can help bolster the birthing bod with nutrients and synergistic plant chemistry. Plants like slippery elm, chamomile and peppermint soothe a birthing bod belly.

Potions for the Birthing Bod:

Perineal Mist: If a vaginal birth is your way, this mist is a must. Safe, soothing and repairing botanicals that can speed up the (much underappreciated) process of peeing and sitting down comfortably. 

Belly Birth Balm: To those who go the way of the Belly Birth, this repairing balm is for soothing the scar.

Nipple Salve: Breastfeeding can be a real B. Nipples get shredded. Our Nipple Salve soothes between nursing sessions, just be sure to wipe the nipple clean before nursing for a good latch.

Growing Belly Balm: To honor this tender and astronomical time, our Growing Belly Balm is perfectly simple. Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Apricot Kernel Oil are whipped together into a skin nourishing treat that both feels and smells magically delicious. The butters hold in moisture and give stretching skin support.

Mama Sitz: A medicinal tea for your vagina. An old school and tried and true method of submerging the postpartum yone into a repairing potion. This botanical blend continues to come in handy post-postpartum to regulate microbes.

Lav & Cocoa Dry Shampoo: When washing your hair is a luxury, our Dry Shampoo lets you squeeze out a couple more good hair days. Non toxic, so no need to sweat during snuggles with your lil’.