Burdock Pickle Recipe

Written by Fat and the Moon April 10, 2020
Grounding, earthy, yummy Burdock. AKA gobo in Japanese cooking, burdock was one of those weeds I fell for while living in NYC. A humble weed is just it’s cover: Burdock is a no joke, tonic medicinal. Containing compounds in the roots that feed that all important gut biome all of it’s favorite treats, Burdock is an excellent addition to your diet to boost immunity and quality of life-which should always go together. 

These pickles use the previously made Varooom Vinegar (check out our previous blog posts!) so they are layered UP with flavor and medicinal benefits!
If you can’t find Burdock, Carrot or Beet would work too.

A bunch of Burdock, cleaned well with a scrub brush- I like to keep the skin of my root veg ON
Varoom Vinegar or apple cider vinegar
Shoyu / tamari / soy sauce
A couple of glass jars for storage

Clean burdock well, and cut them lengthwise into quarters, then cut them down to the size that will fit into your jar. Add to a pot, and fill with water just enough to cover the Burdock, simmer on high for 20-25 minutes until the Burdock is cooked. Let cool down.

Once the Burdock and Burdock water have cooled down enough to work with, load up your jars with the Burdock ‘sticks’ and really pack them in there. 

From there, fill the jar ⅓ way full with your vinegar, another ⅓ full of the cooking water and the last third with your soy sauce. Cover, and let cool completely before putting in the fridge. They will be ready to eat the next day!