Fat Crush: Diana Diaz

Written by Admin Crew October 05, 2021
You know when you grow up on thrift finds and Kohls jeans and one day your friend suggests you both spend the afternoon walking into your most coveted designer shops on Rodeo Drive trying things on just for fun and it never even crossed your mind that such a thing was possible? That friend is Diana Diaz: curious, big-hearted, and unafraid. ⁣

Born in Los Angeles to immigrant parents and a mother who worked in the garment industry, Diana is passionate about using her voice to amplify and celebrate marginalized communities. In 2018 she launched her ethical clothing brand Diana Diaz whose mission is to create social change through the fashion industry. Gender and cultural identity are topics close to Diana’s heart, and ones she regularly explores through her brand imagery and collaborations with other artists, activists, and musicians. Her signature linen open-backed dress is the kind of staple that manages to feel both casual and iconic and somehow makes sense in anyone’s closet, speaking directly to our minimalist maximalist hearts.⁣

Through her work as a director of Solidarity for Sanctuary she throws events like the Selena for Sanctuary concert series that celebrate and create community as a means to affect social change.⁣

And did I mention she plays the harp? I didn’t. She does. Total dreamboat.⁣

Follow Diana and see what she’s up to right now: @dianadiazlabel @dianasaur122 and @forsanctuary