Fat Crush: Jeffrey Marsh

Written by Admin Crew June 30, 2022
"Earth-shatteringly brilliant, Jeffrey will soothe your soul."
Jeffrey Marsh is the bright light and breath of optimistic fresh air that everyone needs in their social feeds. Jeffrey is a viral TikTok and Instagram star, nonbinary activist, LGBTQ keynote speaker, and our latest Fat Crush. Their teachings on radical self acceptance is a message we at Fat and the Moon strongly advocate for and can deeply get behind.
Jeffrey’s powerful internet videos have over one billion views. They were the first nonbinary public figure to appear on national television. And Jeffrey was the first celebrity to use they/them pronouns. Jeffrey’s #1 bestseller, How to Be You, was the first nonbinary memoir. 
Follow Jeffrey on Instagram and Tiktok, and checkout jeffreymarsh.com for more on How To Be You, and their 1:1 coaching offerings.