Fat Crush: Scout Forsythe

Written by Coven Crew November 04, 2021

Meet our latest Fat Crush, Scout Forsythe. Scout tagged us in an Instagram video of her rolling backwards to pick up her Sensitive Pit Cream. After a few back and forths, we found out that her and her ballerina colleagues at American Ballet Theater, NY were all using sensitive pit cream! 

1. Your tool is your body. How does self care show up in your life because of this? What have you learned about self care that's unique to the dance world? 

Oh man, I am constantly learning. Like you said my tool and job is my body so self care is an absolutely must. I was so limited in my knowledge of what self care looked like, it used to be massage and rest. I only connected body to self care it was recently I realized it’s mind body and soul. Mental health was a big one this year and my mind affects my body a crazy amount. 

I also finally acknowledged Ballet is my form of taking care of myself, I feel better all around when I’m dancing. 

Uniquely to the dance world, my self care was forced to dive deeper and expand on what that  truly means for me in this body. Self care can go from a luxurious bath, work out class, call your mom for a good cry fest, or just reading a good book. Self care is doing things that make you take a deep breath after or during having that moment of I’m alive and this is my body and that changes day to day.


2. How does the dance community view self care in your eyes? Where is it going, and what is the awareness around natural beauty like? 

The women I dance with are constantly on the hunt for self care. We joke about how one person finds something that works and it spreads like wildfire. Like Fat and the Moon's Sensitive Pit Cream, I bought a jar a month ago and it’s almost gone because everyone wants a dollop of it. 

It’s been beautiful to watch the evolution even in my 7 years in the company go from generic brands to a more natural option to now a sustainable option. Wether it be, toothpaste, makeup, makeup remover, CBD cream or, anything that goes on or in our body really, almost everyone is on board. 

Another paradox about Ballerinas is, on stage we are caked with makeup and false eyelashes and in the studio and rehearsal I rarely see a dancer with makeup on. I honestly think natural beauty is better than a makeup face but obviously you do you. 

Awareness is huge, because we spend so much time together too a lot of our moon cycles get all synched up, during that time and before everyone is hyper sensitive about skin care :) 


3. What is your slowing down moment? A soothing bath? A scrumptious snack? A face mask & chill session? 

Slowing down right now is hard for me. When we are in performance season my body goes into fight mode. I could get 5 hours of sleep and still be ready for a whole day of rehearsal and performances. What’s been slowing me down and helping me sleep lately is an acupuncture session, a bath loaded with Epsom salts and a Pimple Mud face mask from FM (my face has been having a hard time with the surgical masks and makeup I’m constantly putting on it.), and yoga even if it’s 5 minutes of downward dog taking a moment to just pause and stretch helps me drop into the moment Another way for my brain to decompress is journaling there is something about transferring my thought to paper that allows my mind more freedom