Fat Crush: Tiffany Henning of Eden Botanicals

Written by Marketing FM May 29, 2023

The love flows at Fat and the Moon when we find the highest quality ingredients provided by the highest quality humans. That’s why this month we are sharing our long term crush on Tiffany Henning of Eden Botanicals. Eden Botanicals is a Northern California based essential oils and extracts company, and where we source our essential oils. Tiffany has been with Eden for over ten years and her passion for aromatic plant extracts is infectious, we can’t get enough.

About Tiffany:

Tiffany Henning began her career with Eden Botanicals over a decade ago, joining the crew as shipping manager and bringing a wealth of knowledge in international shipping procedures. After four years of developing the shipping department, she also began supervising the lab and production where she used her math and chemistry majors to improve in-house formulations and inventory calculations. Around this time, she took a perfumery class that instilled in her a lifelong love of blending and gave her the organoleptic skills to decipher the aromatic qualities of the oils. 


After running the lab and production departments, she stepped into sales where she excelled at connecting with customers and discussing the benefits and properties of the oils. When Covid hit, she stepped back into production, which has led to her current role of Production Director, running the day-to-day operations of the shipping and production departments. In addition, she had the opportunity to travel to South France in 2022 to see first-hand the manufacture of Lavender essential oil from harvest to distillation. Her love of the industry, along with her institutional knowledge of Eden Botanicals, has made her an invaluable asset and pivotal part of the team.


About Eden Botanicals:

"Founded in 1985, Eden Botanicals has been the natural ingredient supplier of choice for many successful cosmetic and perfume brands, aromatherapy practitioners and DIY enthusiasts for nearly four decades. We’re passionate about all things aromatic and are dedicated to providing the absolute best oils and extracts available.


Our deep understanding that geographic region, soil, climate and the particular growing conditions encountered by the plant can greatly affect product quality means we recognize quality. With this in mind, in 2021 we joined the Biolandes group which gave us direct access to our own farms and distilleries in countries known for excellence in producing oils and extracts. In addition, our international team travels throughout the year to curate the finest botanical extracts available from important aromatic plant-growing regions, building partnerships with reputable growers from around the globe."

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