Fat Crush: Tricia Hersey of the Nap Ministry

Written by Admin Crew October 05, 2021
You know those crushes that blow your mind and shake your world? The crushes that make you look at your life in a whole new way? Tricia, and her work with the Nap Ministry is one of those kinds of ‘crushing hard’ crushes. Tricia is a radiant visionary, an activist oracle, a dreamer of the most profound order.⁣
In a colonialist, industrialized, capitalist, dominator culture, the simple act of a nap is a revolution. We share our deep crush on Tricia on the other side of Solstice to reflect on the power of rest, of going inward and receiving blessings from the liminal realms. Resistance, white supremacy, leisure, safety, productivity, and the concept of getting back to ‘normal’, take on new meaning and nuance through the lens of Tricia’s work. Please check out and support Tricia’s beautiful offerings at @thenapministry 🌙