Mother Multitudes

Written by Admin Crew May 06, 2022
We honor the labor and love and energy of Mothering. Mothering a human, young or old, is one of the most profound, vulnerable and heart wrenching/opening things we can do in a life. 

Yet we can be mothers to more than other humans.

We see ‘mother’ as a verb, an orientation, an approach, and an archetype that embodies a deep dedication, a singular focus, and the kind of care that changes the world.

There are so many kinds of mothers out there, mothers of art practices, of businesses, of causes. Mothers of plants, of forests, of ecosystems. Mothers of fur babies, of injured wildlife, of animals in shelters. We see the spirit of ‘mothering’ outside of gender, outside of age, and very much within us ALL. 

Mother to Ourselves 

When we tap our own, inherent inner Mother, we can give ourselves the love we might have missed out on. Self Mothering is an aspect of Self Care, of Self Love, it is nurturing ourselves in ways that meet our sometimes unmet needs. All of the intention that goes into Fat and the Moon potions are for this kind of profound Self Love and Care. We need mediums of this message. 
Love Thyself Bod Oil- Warming and earthy, clove and vetiver warm and ground, bringing us into an embodied state with our own touch
Deodorant Cream- A gateway potion, not only in the journey of plant based bod care, but also a reset to our relationship with touching parts of ourselves that have been made taboo by who….?
Mermaid Mask- One of the most precious things we’ve got is time. Taking time for a face and hair mask prioritizes a date with yourself. Make your mask a mindful meditation, a time to reflect on how you want to show up fully to yourself.


Mother to Projects and Practices

You know them, Mothers of projects, practices, organizations, businesses. Their progeny are manifestations of their vision. Their creativity is their fertility. These Creatrix Mamas bring things into the world everyone benefits from. 
Honor this powerhouse energy with the following power potions:
Dream Weaver Mist- Since you know these folks are tapping the unconscious realms and finding gold.
Sage & Rose Face Mist- We all need energetic windshield wipers, and reset buttons, but especially this mama flavor
FM Adornment- This mama steps into the world decorated for action, our adornment also contains Plant Spirit Medicines that assist the energies that empower.

Mother to the Fur Covered, and Four Legged

Cats, dogs, iguanas are the center of their worlds. They speak interspecies. The bond between this mama and fur babe was written in the stars. 
Luckily, many of our potions can be used safely beyond human. 
All Salve- All purpose also means great for cracked paws and healing up post scrap with the local feline frienemy
Farewell Funk Foot Powder- For the beast with a skin burden. Soothes itching for the furry or feathered friend with a skin ecosystem out of whack
Calm Kid Mist- Yup, mist over your fur child and see the plants do their calming magic

Mother to the Plants 

Houseplants, windowsills planters, gardens are this mama’s brood. These children are green, sprawling, prolific. This mama tends the soil, obsesses on compost, and keeps one eye to the sky for optimal planting conditions. The following potions are our offerings to the Plant Mom.
Itch Mud- ‘Cause you know this mama gets IN the woods and poison oak talks back.
The Trickster Teachers- Made for the Plant People, who are open ears, minds and hearts to the voices of the Plants
Bite & Burn Spray- When your hands are deep in the ground on the regular, bites are bound to happen.