Nourish Cookies

Written by Fat and the Moon March 17, 2020
My teacher used to say you shouldn’t be an herbalist if you can’t make a good popsicle. What he was getting at is that sometimes, we have to be savvy with our delivery systems so folks (kids, skeptical everyone else) can get the herbal medicine they need. This is kitchen medicine at its best, the way of the clever Granny.

This recipe employs some medicinal foods already in your kitchen, and becomes the vehicle for other herbs you want to take on the daily. 

Nourish Cookies:
1 cup rolled oats
1 cup coconut flakes
1 cup nut/ seeds of choice
½ cup nut or seed butter of choice
½ cup flax seeds or chia seeds
6-7 Dried or fresh orange slices (if using fresh, store the cookies in the fridge) keep the rind ON, it’s the most important part
1 tbls dulse or other seaweed
½ cup of goji berries/ dried fruit
1-3 tbls chaga/ cordycep/ reishi/ ashwagandha/ maca/ astragalus whatever dried and powdered herb you have on hand that you would like to incorporate 

Pulse together in a food processor, then add:
6-7 dates
A dash of vanilla extract
Salt to taste

Process until you have a dough you can form.

From here, you can turn them into cookies with a cookie cutter or roll them into balls. I rolled a part of this recipe into balls and tossed them in carob powder. You can also do combinations of cocoa, powdered ginger, a little cinnamon and cayenne etc- the possibilities are endless.