RECIPE: Vinegar Rinse

Written by Fat and the Moon October 24, 2019

In case life is feeling a little boring for you, check this: you are a thriving ecosystem. I’m not just talking about all the little symbiotic microorganisms camping out in your eyebrows and are a universe with your own chemical composition. In the most boring terms, you rock a specific ph. Our bod’s ph is baseline (pun def intended) for the health of our skin and scalp. We tend towards more acidic that alkaline. So when we wash ourselves on repeat with alkaline soaps, or have hard water, our skin and scalp get sad. Our line of liquid and bar Shampoos and Conditioners are ph matched to our more acidic scalp. 

But sometimes you just need a little acid.

Here is a recipe for all those folks who reached out about hard water and using our Shampoos and Conditioners. A super simple apple cider vinegar rinse once a week does wonders to rebalance the scalp and leaves the hair sleek and shiny. For those of us without hard water, the vinegar rinse still does lovely things for the locks, just do every other week.

1 part apple cider vinegar

4 parts water (filtered or distilled is best) or rosewater if you’re fancy like that

After shampooing and conditioning, rinse the scalp with the ACV rinse. Towel dry. The scent will chill as the hair dries.


Reuse one of our 1 oz amber bottles by filling it with the vinegar rinse. Now you have the perfect shower size amount of the rinse that’s makes it easy and breezy to apply.