Show us your Pits!!!

Written by Fat and the Moon January 25, 2018


We at Fat and the Moon wish you all a happy 2018! We are stoked for the year ahead, feeling pumped on our mission to change the world one Deodorant Cream at a time! It has been incredible to watch the growing reception of non-toxic, plant based bod care over the past 6 years we’ve been in business. These days, many of the women in my midwestern fam have gotten hip to the toxins in the products they were applying head to toe, everyday, for YEARS. Unfortunately, many times, the wake up call comes through illness.

Bod care products that are good for the body and earth should belong to everyone, not just the coast or college town dwelling, hip types, right? In an increasingly polarized time, we’ve felt called to look for common ground- indications we can create change through coming together around the care and love for our bodies, our children and our earth.

This year, we want to support more and more folks to change it up and see that a non toxic deodorant can actually work! We all have a special someone in our life we’d love to support in taking better care of themselves, even if we avoid political convos with them like dog poop on the sidewalk.

In 2018, we at Fat and the Moon are launching a “Show Us Your Pits” campaign- asking YOU, our tuned in customers, to share with us about your relationship to:

1. Our Deodorant Cream but, really,

2. To your bod, sense of Well Being and Self Care.

Share with us your story and a photo of your pits using #showusyourpits on Instagram or send an email to and we will send a Lil Deo Cream or Lil Sensitive Pit to you, your loved one of choice, as well as to a cancer rehab clinic. “Show Us Your Pits” will be an evolving campaign, so look for info on breast health, embracing the pits and lymph support to come!

Recipe for Rebalancing Pit pH:

If you’ve ever experienced the Deodorant Cream turning your pits a dark shade, or giving you an uncomfortable itch- it is the result of your pit pH getting outta whack. The Deodorant Cream promotes a more alkaline environment which, depending on your pH and skin sensitivity (which fluctuates) can be too alkaline. Too alkaline of an environment plus sweat can lead to a reaction, either a darkening of color or rash. We are chemical beings, so taking our pit pH in the other direction- i.e. acidic, can rebalance our armpit ecosystem- clearing up a rash or darkening skin. Below is an easy recipe to do just that.

1/8 cup apple cider vinegar

3/4 cup water

2 drops lavender essential oil

Mix together and apply to your (deodorant free) pits with a clean cotton swab OR put into spray bottle and spritz 2-3 times a day for 2 days or until you get results. If this issue has happened to you, we want to hear! We’ve concocted the Sensitive Pit Cream just for the folks with an alkaline sensitivity.