Summertime First Aid

Written by Fat and the Moon July 09, 2018

Summertime gets us open and out like a big ole sunflower. It is the season to absorb warmth and life, to do our own version of photosynthesis…The vitality of summer can also put us in physical extremes- of heat and burn, of scrapes and bruises. 

Let’s get hip to herbal first aid…

The Sun

Scorched? Mist on the Bite & Burn after a sun sesh that got you lobster-ified. The skin continues to burn, so don’t trap in the heat with an oil or lotion during the first 12 hours. The Bite & Burn will cool and repair. After the 12 hour window, slather with the Aloe Lotion. To feed the skin, and speed repair after getting crispy, holler at your Mermaid Mask. For an extra boost of relief put both Bite & Burn and Aloe Lotion in the fridge before applyin.

The Protector Plants

Props to the Protectors, Poison Oak And Ivy...They are the immune system of the land. Their presence asks us to be aware of our steps. Unfortunately, it’s easy to have a brush with the potency of these plants… The urishols that deliver the rash are oil based, so the first step after exposure is to wash with soap or wipe down with an alcohol based liquid. Mugwort (among others) is a solid plant to crush and rub onto the skin post PO too. Once the rash is in full force, mist with Bite & Burn, then apply Poison Oak Mud. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Bathe with Soothe Bath Soak with a few drops of lavender essential oil in between.

Wound Repair

The Wound Powder is hands down one of my favorite potions- it’s just really cool. Sprinkle a bit of powder on a washed cut and bam, bleeding slows and the antimicrobial herbs get to work. The Wound Powder lets the cut breathe, oxygen being a key piece in healing. Once the cut has closed, apply some All Salve.

Got yourself some splinter action? Stings got you stung? Pimple Mud it. The drawing properties that escort a pimple up and out also aid in surfacing other ouchies. The antimicrobial and astringent herbs in Pimple Mud seal the deal.