Talking Toxins

Written by Rachel B April 03, 2019


It could be argued that part of the evolution of humankind has been, in part, inspired by a need to make ourselves safer. This is reflected in myriad ways of providing ourselves with fortified shelter, reliable food and water sources and medical innovations. It is a twisted irony that somehow in that pursuit, especially in the last fifty years, we have inundated our environment and our bodies with thousands upon thousands of toxic chemicals. The ‘battles’ won against infectious disease has been replaced by something much more chronic and insidious, defined by inflammation and autoimmune dysregulation.

Our lives are layered with toxins. Living in the USA, it is actually impossible to avoid them. From our laundry detergent to our toothpaste, to the dye in our clothing and the plastics containers our organic cheeses and matcha lattes come in - toxins are everywhere. Even our rainwater carries water soluble glyphosate- known to degrade the structures of our gut lining.

While we can’t escape these conditions, we can make choices that don’t perpetuate this toxic paradigm. Our health, our vitality, as well as the ability of the developing bodies of our littles to thrive depends on our choices. The silver lining to facing our toxic world is the intimacy we gain in the process. Whenever we confront the choices we make, we have the opportunity to rediscover ourselves and what we value.