What it means to Self Care

Written by Marketing FM January 23, 2023

We wish 'Care Self' had a better ring, and was grammatically correct, since ‘Care’ is the word we like to emphasize as we ponder the term. Care evokes softness, kindness, concern, and consideration. When we turn Care towards ourselves, we are able to deepen our relationship to our humanness. This is a radical act.

We see Self Care as a critical element to cultivating the strength and fortitude to show up to the injustices, pain and challenges of our world.

How we take care of ourselves in times of insecurity and destabilization often reflects our deepest values and beliefs, and is an opportunity to support the world we want to see come into being. 

Ways we Self Care:

Notice if we are feeling rushed

Question and dissolve our toxic thoughts

Say no

Say yes

Enjoy our food

Cultivate supportive relationships

Dress like we mean it

Sleep like we mean it

Laugh like we mean it

Ask for help

And, bubble baths, luxurious amounts of Bod Oil, lather lotions, massage our pits, adorn ourselves, mist ourselves, powder ourselves, scent ourselves…