Women and Self Care

Written by Admin Crew June 27, 2022

‘Self Care’ is rooted deep in generations, the herstory of caring for ourselves, our friends, children and sisters out of necessity. 

Self-reliance is the survival aspect of Self Care. 

Control of women’s bodies has never been ‘care’ for them. We’ve had to provide that care to each other, and, radically, to ourselves. Our resilience has been through community, like underground, mycelial networks, sustained by compassionate understanding. 

There is a fatigue that comes from constantly advocating for one’s dignity and sovereignty. 

In the face of disempowering forces, both internal and external, may we focus our attention, and our resources into caring for each other. This care is fuel to build rich networks and, like the mushrooms, enables us to break down and metabolize the most formidable structures. 


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