3 Ways to Use the Fruits and Veggies Mask

Written by Coven Crew October 19, 2021

Feed your face. Nutrient-rich Fruits & Veggies like kale, pumpkin and goji berry are as good for your outsides as they are for your insides. Fruits & Veggies Mask softens, soothes, and renews, inviting that inner radiance to pour through those pores. A micro exfoliant is built into this mask for gentle sloughing. ⁣

1. Honey + F&V Mask:  

Honey a humectant (attracts moisture to itself) so adding to your F&V mask boosts its moisturizing properties. It is nutrient dense with vitamins and minerals, antimicrobial resisting mold and fungus, and skin balancing. 

Mix a teaspoon or so with honey and apply to a damp face. Let sit for 10-15 luxurious minutes. 

Fruits and Veggies Mask

2. Coconut Oil + F&V Mask 

 Get fat and in the mix and take the skin soothing and softening properties of the mask experience up a notch. Don’t forget the micro exfoliation massage at the end of your mask session is going to rid those dry skin flakes! 

Mix a teaspoon or so with coconut oil and apply to a damp face. Let sit for 15-30 luxurious minutes. Pairs well with a steamy bath. 

3. Herbal Tea + F&V Mask

Here’s where you get to let your witch out. Brew your fave herbal tea (rosemary, nettle, lavender, rooibos, ginger) and mix your mask with plenty of cackles. 

Here, we've featured a strong Chamomile tea, which contains antimicrobial properties, good for bacteria fighting and cell regeneration. 

Mix a teaspoon or so with an herbal tea, apply in a thin layer, sit for 10-30 luxurious minutes.