Bod System: Skin

Written by Marketing FM January 22, 2024

The Skin: An Origin Story

Our skin obsession is not superficial, it goes deep. Skin care is a gateway to our core selves.

Back in the embryonic stages, in the cellular history of us all, there was the ectoderm. 

The ectoderm is one of the primary layers of cells that exists in an embryo that covers the outside of the embryo (‘ecto’ meaning outside) during development. 

From these budding cells, the ectoderm goes on to give rise to a number of both internal and external structures: the skin and the nervous system. 


That’s right, in all of our development, the skin and the nervous system were the same cells. As these cells developed, they became the most exterior and the most interior parts of us, forever connected. 

The skin takes in external information through sensation and the nervous system internalizes sensorial information. One of the quickest ways to regulate our nervous system is through the skin, through touch. 

Take this moment to gently rub one hand with the other, or put your hand over your heart or gently touch your cheek…

How do you feel?

With this connection in mind, our skincare regime can be a way to tend our Being.