Elderflower Syrup

Written by Bench Bookkeeping July 22, 2020

Elderflower Syrup. Elder, Sambucus nigra, Bezeg in Slovene. In Slovenia, it is said that the ancestors reside in Elder trees. Under the auspices of the ancestors, Elder holds magical properties that support family, and especially marriage. In Slovenia, if a woman wishes to find a husband, she approaches the tree, shakes it as she says her prayer, “Bezeg, find me a husband, not too young and not too old!”

This is a time to call on our ancestors, to reckon with them, to seek their guidance.
This is a time to take care of family, family Close, family far, family all.
This is the time to wake up to the wedlock of our interconnection, our interdependence and to make aware of those inner and outer forces that convince us that we are separate.
This marriage is for our wholeness. 
Sip on drinks splashed with the infusion of elderflower to empower your bod and build its resistance. Drink to bless ancestors and honor descendants.


Fresh elderflower blossoms

Lemon, sliced

Quart jar

4 parts Honey to 1 part water 


4 parts Sugar to 5 parts water

  1. Combine honey or sugar and hot water until they are completely dissolved, let cool.
  2. Rinse and shake the bugs off freshly cut elder blossoms. 
  3. Stuff a jar with the elderflowers and slices of lemon- half a lemon per quart jar (more if you like).
  4. Pour the cooled sweetness mixture over the blossoms until covered
  5. Top with a lid and let steep for 48 hrs on your counter or in your pantry. After 48 hours, transfer to the fridge. 
  6. From here, I like to wait another 48 hrs before I strain- but if you’re feeling impatient (which I really, really get) you can strain after the first 48 hour wait- then refrigerate. 
  7. Your elderflower syrup will stay good in your fridge for a few months. Freeze for deep storage.

Add a tablespoon or two over ice and top with sparkling water (or water with gas as they say in Slovenia). Drop in a little lemon slice and you’ve got your new summer bev.

How my cousin Maja holds her Elderflower tea down, from our visit last year💗

And for some indulgent Slovene fare: dip your elderflowers in batter, fry and serve with homemade marmalade 🤤