Five-Fold Moisture

Written by Lindsay B December 15, 2016

Hello Lovelies!

Winter solstice is rapidly approaching and with all of the beauty and holiday cheer that a winter wonderland brings, it also causes dry, dehydrated skin - which can be a real bummer. Cold air, heated homes, and cozy fires- a trifecta of real moisture suckers that'll leave your skin looking like a dry flaky shell of its once golden and dewy summer self.

Not to worry beauties, I'm here to offer up some solutions for your thirsty skin blues.

STEP ONE: Make sure your cleanser is not adding fuel to the fire by stripping away what little oil and moisture your skin has left with those oh-so deceptive suds. Enter Masa and Olive Face Paste - on double duty with olive oil acting as the moisturizer (loaded with skin loving vitamin E and antioxidants!) and corn flour helping to slough off dead skin. Hydrating while exfoliating=the happiest skin in the world.

STEP TWO: Slap a mask on it. No, not one of those thick green clay based masks that can have ya looking like a creature of the swamp. Don’t get me wrong, clay masks are great for acne and excess oil production but they can be a bit drying during the winter months and best used only as a spot treatment during this time. Enter Mermaid Mask- food for your face! Irish Moss helps rehydrate the skin with its high mineral content, leaving skin smoother and softer. Honey and aloe vera are both humectants which means they draw moisture into the skin like a magnet. Lastly, but certainly not least, lavender essential oil helps to soothe the irritation that dry, frigid air can often cause.

STEP THREE: Tone! Most certainly not your muscles, it’s pie season for heaven’s sake. Tone your skin with Sage and Rose Face Mist, loaded with rose-geranium hyrdrosol a great anti-inflammatory (aka calming agent) for dry irritated skin. This delicious mist also contains jojoba oil, which is actually a liquid plant wax. Crazy right?! Jojoba oil works wonders by mimicking our own sebum when our skin isn’t producing enough. Keep Sage and Rose handy and spritz whenever that dry tight feeling starts rearing its ugly head.

STEP FOUR: The next one may be a bit obvious but still totally deserves a mention- the beloved Face Oil, a perfect combination of skin loving oils. Don’t panic my acne prone beauts- healthy oils are exactly what Dr. Epidermis ordered after being assaulted with harsh, ultra drying products. These can cause your skin to produce excess oil and then BAM! you’ve just entered break out city and you are the mayor.  Face Oil is brimming with fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin A and omegas all working together to nourish your skin and help it regain balance.  Apply and then Beddie Bye.

Now...I saved the best for last, and I may be a tad biased as it is one of my personal favorites.

STEP FIVE: Enter... All Cream, or shall I say the icing on the cake. For us extra dry peeps using just pure oils to moisturize during this season may not be enough for thirsty skin because there are no ingredients to lock the moisture into your skin. Beware!! Many skin hating companies make their skin creams with ethyl alcohol because it speeds up product dry time. But guess what?  It also speeds up dry skin time… No Bueno. Fat and the Moon All Cream is alcohol free (because who loves you, babe?) and contains both humectant and occlusive ingredients, two of dry skin’s BFFs. The aloe vera in this cream works hard to draw moisture into the skin while the beeswax and shea butter create a barrier to stop that moisture from being sucked right back out. Basically the occlusive ingredients help trap in all of the aforementioned goodies. All Cream works wonders on both face and bod and is best when applied while skin is still moist, making the humectants job a bit easier.

Follow the above simple recipe and go from prune to peach in 5 easy steps!

P.S. Do not forget to hydrate! It is easy to forget your jug o’ water at home when it’s 40 degrees out but this does not mean your bod doesn’t need it! Staying hydrated is a crucial step in combating dry skin!

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Fat and the Moon Resident Esthetician