Release, Reflect, Renew

Written by Admin Crew September 27, 2022

Our cleansers and masks are the perfect conduits of releasing, reflecting and renewal.

‘Release’ in the form of assisting the skin in sloughing off spent layers. Masa & Olive is the go to exfoliant for gently polishing the skin. Try out Light as a Featha Cleanser for an even softer touch.

‘Reflect’ employs the important element of time. One aspect of the mask medicine is the time it takes. Whether Pimple Mud, Mermaid Mask or Fruits & Veggie, amplify that minimum of 20 minutes with the intention of reflection.

‘Renew’ speaks to the natural power of the skin itself, to be in a constant state of creation, of renewal. The job of Fat and the Moon potions is to be a humble servant to the skin’s wisdom. Earth Polish is both a cleanser and mask, powerfully infused with botanicals that optimize the skin's healthy renewal, especially when that skin has been labeled ‘problem’ and is needing some understanding. Moon Milk is our go to for very dry skin that needs a refresh.

Dry skin friends, we’ve got you.  What is a good cleanser for Dry Skin?

Earth Polish:

Nah. Wouldn’t hurt, but best for congested and break out prone skin.

Light as a Featha:

Maybe. If you’ve got dry and sensitive skin, this cleanser is a winner!

Moon Milk:

Yes. Dry skin’s dream. Hydrate while you cleanse, and to keep a good thing going, dab on along with your moisturizer.

Masa and Olive:

Yes. For the dry skin that needs a gentle sloughing. Helps to polish away parched skin cells and reveal juicy new layers.

Sensitive and curious? What is a good cleanser for Sensitive Skin?

Earth Polish:

Nah. The botanicals in Earth Polish are best for those needing to balance skin microbes.

Light as a Featha:

Yes, honey. The cleanser built for sensitive skin. Gentle polishing and balancing properties with clay, coconut and honey.

Moon Milk:

Yes. Gentle cleansing that also hydrates.

Masa and Olive

Nah. The exfoliating properties of Masa & Olive could overwhelm sensitive types.

A problem is defined by one's perspective…What is a good cleanser for “Problem” Skin?

Earth Polish:

Yes, 100%. Botanically built for skin that needs ph and microbial balance.

Light as a Featha:

Yes. Excellent cleanser for those with sensitive skin that is also prone to breakouts.

Moon Milk:

Yes. Hydrating cleanser that works to balance and reset the skin’s ecosystem, which supports ‘no prob’ skin.

Masa and Olive:

Yes. For use once a week to help gently polish and stimulate the skin, promoting optimal circulation and health!

Which mask is best for me?

To hydrate: Mermaid Mask

A mask concentrate for face and hair. Just add water. Re-juice the skin, scalp and locks with nutrient rich California coast seaweeds.

To draw out: Pimple Mud

For spot treatments or full face mask. Promotes healing circulation and pore clean out. 

To nourish: Fruit and Veggies Mask

Your full serving of skiing-protecting botanicals. Mix with water, yogurt, or tea. Your skin will say, “Yum”.