People often ask about where the name Fat and the Moon comes from. 'Fat' is not exactly an embraced word in our culture, especially within the context of body and beauty care products.

Yet, when founder Rachel Budde considered her influences at the beginning stages of concocting body care potions, fat was an obvious muse. Fat is the choice medium for absorbing the medicinal constituents of plants for external use. Fat suspends the properties of plants, and has healing properties all on its own. When we use herb infused fats on our skin, we feed ourselves a nutrient dense meal.

Fat is energy. The energy contained within fat is gorgeously complex and dense, truly the equivalent of neatly stacked gold bars within the bodies of plants and animals. Many of our most important hormones are made from fat, and our nerves are coated with it, allowing for fluidity of thought and sensation.

The Moon has a profound effect on life on this planet; especially as life is animated by water. Water makes up most of our bodies, and the bodies of plants. The health and vitality of each cell of our being is completely dependent on water. No water, no life. The movement of water, as we see in the tides, is in a perpetual dance with the Moon.

Fat and water need a spiral movement to mix; in the movement, there is creamy cohesion, interplay, and the joining of forces. That, dear friends, is why Fat and the Moon.