Herbalist Formulated 

Plants are powerful beings! In honor of the plants, all of our potions are formulated by a clinical herbalist, insuring potency, efficacy, and safe use of botanicals for your bod. Herbal medicine is an ancient practice, no doubt your very own great-grandma’s and pa’s went to plants for healing. With that kind of history, we’ve got empirical evidence to back the efficacy of our products. Therefore, we believe that testing on animals is appalling, and completely unnecessary in providing folks with stellar bod care products. 

We use only organic, sustainably harvested, and/or locally grown botanicals. We work with companies for our other ingredients who share our ethics. Our pigments and micas are always purchased from ethical sources. We work with beeswax sourced from US beekeepers. The scents of our products are always from essential oils, never ‘fragrance’. ‘Fragrance’ is just a generic term for a slew of smelly chemicals. Our ingredients are as simple and straightforward as can be, and we use the antimicrobial superpowers of plants to keep our products fresh.

Minimal, Reusable and Conscious Packaging 

Guess what? You got a package with a product inside! You know what to do with the product, but what about the package? It’s time to reconcile this throw-away culture and get creative. Fat and the Moon strives to offer the most conscious packaging possible, from reusable containers to earth safe inks and labels to screw tops for all your fave potions when you re-order. 

We use as little plastic as we can in both our product packages and in our order shipping. Since we have yet to find alternatives for our treatment tops (ALWAYS looking, please let us know if you have a lead), we now offer metal screw tops at check out as a plastic free option. For returning customers, we suggest holding on to your treatment tops, and then choosing the screw top for your subsequent purchases. We turn the packaging that comes into Fat and the Moon into the packaging that goes out. We transform the cardboard in particular, with our handy dandy in house perforator, so we can turn boxes into packing material. We also use our cardboard to sheet mulch our Fat and the Moon herbal garden.

Nourishing Ingredients, Non-Toxic Messaging 

Organic ingredients are great, but if they are wrapped up in a message that makes you feel ‘not fly enough’ I say: toxic! Toxic ingredients are like toxic people: they try to convince you that something poisonous is good for you. Truth is, nourishing ingredients, like nourishing people, don’t have to convince you of anything- because you simply FEEL that they’re good. Join us in making non-toxic the new normal. 

We are looking to change the world with bod care products are our medium. Feeling connected to your bod, loving it, being tuned into what it really needs are radical acts in a time of pathological disconnection. Objectification of our bodies, and the objectification of our earth yields the same devastating exploitation. Yet, our bodies are our biggest teachers: permeable, soft, vulnerable, resilient. When we listen to ourselves, we listen to those around us: the people, the animals, the rivers, the plants. There is a lot of noise to wade through, but we get to choose the songs we sing. Here at Fat and the Moon, we honor all bodies, all backgrounds, all genders. We align with those who seek to balance inequality, and temper hatred with lion hearts and open minds. Here are some of the organizations we’ve worked with: