It has been incredible to watch the growing reception of non-toxic, plant based bod care over the past 6 years we’ve been in business. These days, many of the women in my midwestern fam have gotten hip to the toxins in the products they were applying head to toe, everyday, for YEARS. Unfortunately, many times, the wake up call comes through illness.

Bod care products that are good for the body and earth should belong to everyone, not just the coast or college town dwelling, hip types, right? In an increasingly polarized time, we’ve felt called to look for common ground- indications we can create change through coming together around the radical care and love for our bodies, our children and our earth.

This year, we want to support more and more folks to change it up and see that a non toxic deodorant can actually work! We all have a special someone in our life we’d love to support in taking better care of themselves, even if we avoid political convos with them like dog poop on the sidewalk.

In 2018, we at Fat and the Moon are launching a “Show Us Your Pits” campaign- asking YOU, our tuned in customers, to share with us about your relationship to:

1. Our Deodorant Cream but, really...

2. To your bod, sense of Well Being and Self Care.

Share with us your story and a photo of your pits using #showusyourpitsfm on Instagram or send an email on our website and we will send a Lil Deo Cream or Lil Sensitive Pit to you, your loved one of choice, as well as to a cancer rehab clinic.

“Show Us Your Pits” will be an evolving campaign, so look for info on breast health, embracing the pits and lymph support to come! 



First of all, I LOVE YOUR PIT CREAM. I tried the whole wet crystal thing and my BO was bad. I wanted to cut out narsty chemicals in my pits, but I also didn't want to have to wash my shirts every time I wear them. Minimizing laundry is important to me for environmental reasons as well.
My best friend knew I was trying some alternative options for deodorant. So when she found your products on Etsy, she bought the pit cream for me as a present. I haven't looked back since! I love the ingredients and how effective it is at keeping my pits smelling great even when I get nervous and sweat (which is the worst smelling sweat out there).
I tend to forego deodorant all together on active weekends. When I'm meant to be sweating hard, I embrace it fully. In a weird way I kinda like my stank when it is produced via yoga, hiking, snowboarding, etc. It's the smell of my body doing something good for itself. However, sweat smell from working in an office from 9-5 does not hold the same feeling for me ;) -Stefanie


Here’s my story:

The switch to natural deodorant was a difficult one.. I first tried a couple different stick-application products, and eventually found one that worked okay, but developed a bad reaction to it after a month. Figuring out I was having a reaction to the baking soda, I continued my quest for the perfect natural deodorant.

I wasn’t super into the idea of dipping my fingers into a cream and rubbing it all over my pits, but boy am I glad I was willing to try. After extensive reason, I came across your brand. (I mean Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard love it, so I probably will too, right?) I was immediately drawn to your brand because you carried a sensitive version of your deodorant. (Thanks for looking out for us sensitive skin folks!) So, I ordered a mini tin of your sensitive cream, and after a couple of days, I was hooked. Not ONCE have a smelled bad since using it exclusively, or broken out into an itchy painful rash again on my pits. I’m now working through my second jar. I’ve even grown to quite like the cream application - it’s a time when I get to show a body part that often seems to get neglected a bit of extra tender lovin’ and care.

I’ve always had a pretty good relationship with my body. She’s by no means perfect - me and working out never really got along! - but she’s mine. I’ve never been body-shy, and because of your deodorant, I never have to worry about getting a little stinky throughout the day either. I feel good knowing that I’m taking care of my body and only applying all natural products. I’ve recently made the switch to using only natural products - skincare, makeup, deodorant - and have never felt better. Knowing that I’m caring for my body and smothering her in love with quality, natural ingredients from head to toe only deepened our bond. My body’s gotta live with me everyday, so I try and make sure to take good care of her. Thanks for helping me achieve this. :)

So here’s a couple pictures of me, makeup free and practicing self love, and my pits, smothered in your Sensitive Deodorant Cream. We’ve been very happy together.




So, about 2 years ago now I started on my journey to switch to all natural health, beauty, and household products. I had already been eating healthier and choosing organic when possible, but i realized that what goes on my body is just as important as what goes into it. But finding an all natural deodorant was the hardest part (and arguably the most important)! I tried upwards of 6 different brands but none seemed to work, so i just went back to using Secret (😩). Then, I found fat and the moon sensitive deodorant cream, and omg, it was the best I had tried! It actually worked! I was honestly so happy that my transition was finally complete. I felt so much better knowing that I was putting only the best in my body and on my body. All of this definitely helped my sense of well-being because I knew I was taking care of my body, the only body I have. Eventually, I even got my husband to start using fat and the moon sensitive put cream and now we buy the biggest possible jar of it! I tell everyone I know about how great your products are, especially your deodorant, and I would love to be able to share some with my cousin who is also on a self-care journey right now! Thanks for reading! -Abbie