Written by Fat and the Moon January 22, 2016
The workshop begins in a little dome in a south Minneapolis neighborhood. 

I love when worlds collide. If you're imagining planets crashing together- I'll give you points for your sci-fi nerdiness- but more so what I mean is I love when people, projects and disciplines come together, share and cross pollinate.  Keeps the cultural stock strong and hardy. Hybrids y'all. 

This April, I found myself in one of my fave cities, Minneapolis, MN with some of my fave people. I had the great honor to teach a basic medicine making workshop in collaboration with seriously awesome folks- my long time bud Colin Kloecker of  Works Progress and my new bud and host Sam Gould of Red76. These two dudes are the tip of the ice burg of amazing and interesting things going on in Minneapolis that bring art, science, activism and down right fun times together. This sweet dome is part of a project called For Starters- which is part of a meta project called Henry. Cool stuff usually comes in layers. 

Talking tinctures, teas, cordials, and scrubs.


My art and my herbalism are part of one impulse, so it was great to have that inner synthesis be met by an external one (that happened to be in the shape of a dome)!

Cordial. Have your medicine and a good ole' time.