All Cream, All the Time

Written by Admin Crew August 11, 2022
Here at Fat and the Moon, we are always trying to grow, to evolve, to refine. Potion making begs this process. The more you make something, the more you think about how you could make it better. 

Our recent All Cream re-formulation came from that spirit. All Cream’s simple formula was getting sent into the wild world with its temperature fluctuations and long list of unknown factors. Sometimes, these factors would cause All Cream to separate and send waves of frustrated bummed-outness through the FM coven, especially the makers, who are true artists of their craft. 

So, we decided to pull All Cream to try and make a more stable formula. Our makers made 20 different versions, some weird and some wonderful. We sent testers of our top picks to All Cream fans for them to try out.

The overwhelming response: Give us back the OG All Cream

The ingredients that made All Cream more shelf stable also diluted the essence of this potion.

This response led us to do some deep soul searching. Rachel, our founder, had to consider the early values and ethos that germinated Fat and the Moon. From there, she realized we needed to stay true to the original formula. So while we have changed our processes to optimize how we make All Cream, we also see this product as a reflection of our commitment to simple and wholesome recipes.

This commitment is not easy to scale, since it goes counter to how most body care products are made: make thousands at once, then store them in warehouses.  We recognize that this commitment to the handmade, simple and old school formulations, and to the plants themselves is a relationship with the imperfect, and sometimes temperamental. 

We think it's worth it since it also makes the space for magic.

So now, we are sooo excited to share with you the brand new benefits of the All Cream….

Updated label

The updated label lets you know how best to take care All Cream so All Cream can take care of you.

So, behold your old friend All Cream with a brand new, fancy fresh label.

All Cream’s Truth: 
I am a Perishable Potion, akin to food. 
I’m not afraid of who I really am. 
I’m not afraid to tell you exactly what I need:
Keep me out of direct sun and high heat.
If separation occurs, no prob! Simply stir me up.
Keep me in the fridge for more mileage, and skin cooling delight.