Potion Origin Stories

Written by Admin Crew August 23, 2022
We love origin stories. Whether they be folk stories or myths about how rainbows came to be, or how humans got fire, or how this wide world began! 

Origin stories reveal the inspired spark of coming into existence. 

Each Fat and the Moon potion has its origin story; some weird, some practical, some simply contemporary manifestations of old traditions and recipes.

Our founder, Rachel, was in attendance at an afternoon potluck gathering of powerful babes. 

If you haven’t experienced, Bay area dessert spreads are food snobbery at its finest, true explorations of local produce, trendy flavor combinations and the latest in chocolate bar technologies. 

So imagine the intrigue of a raw pie…. the color of a swamp. 

The visually unappealing contrast to all of the other desserts was actually this dish's edge and everyone decided to try a bite. 

Turns out, this raw pie tasted just like it looked. Like a skanky swamp.

The main ingredients: seaweed and honey.

Not to let such nutritious ingredients go to waste, it was decided to instead apply that pie to the face. While Rachel and friends delighted on treats, their skin did too. It became a party of mermaids, whiffs of the ocean between bites of lavender infused chocolates.

Rachel became focused on recreating this blissful skin experience, and our beloved Mermaid Mask was born.

Mermaid Mask Tip:

The ratio for this mask is about 1 part mask to ¾ parts water or liquid of choice (juice, tea, yogurt). Mix up enough for your face and/or hair before you get into the bath or shower and apply when your skin/hair are damp. 

Oh mugwort, Artemisia vulgaris, the plant responsible for the remembrance of our liminal depths, our connection to the plant world, and our collective herbal medicine heritage. Dream Weaver Mist is Rachel’s homage to a stand of Mugwort in Prospect Park in Brooklyn that, years ago, she visited daily. In taking tea from this stand, the dream of Fat and the Moon surfaced from her own depths. 

When Rachel arrived in California and met California Poppy, the need to combine the subconscious inspiration of Mugwort, the nightmare soothing properties of California Poppy and the expansive, yet calming, aspect of Lavender was overwhelming. The first distillations of Mugwort and Lavender were created as tinctures of Cal. Poppy set. Dream Weaver Mist was made and dreams were realized.

Dream Weaver Tip:

Nighttime rituals are fertile grounds for connecting to inner realms. Bringing intentionality to our rest invites the powerful parasympathetic forces of healing, renewal and insight. Keep a pen and paper by your bedside. Mist your pillow with Dream Weaver or spray the mist above your face before closing your eyes to sleep. Write down your first thoughts upon waking.